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do u believe in timing?

I couldn't stop thinking about time, was every seconds of our lives control by fate, or is life just a series of random occurences, if i wasn't perpetual, 10 mins late, will i be stumbling upon this new opportunities or may be my mom is right - timing is everything?

I make a few changes around the apartment, haha~
i hung the caps my bro and i had..
I did something to the fridge..
I must be damn bored.......

i missed home, having free time, ...
and in order to break another big news...
its big to me...
my parent were house shopping in bn...
i am quite shocked that i have to hear it from my own cousin than coming from my own parent?
walao~ if it was true... I would be kek tio..

okay okay~! i felt being left out.. but wait a minute.. i'm not the one in the relationship..
i am their child and be a child... not interfering what my parents decide or whats best for them...
their investment is their responsiblities.. i shud not be involved in the whole thing and any other decisions making deals except those only benefits me...

Its a 2 way relationship not a 3 way.. dots..dots dots...

lots of things i want to do now in my head....

i felt the urge to eat grilled chicken chop..

I had been surfin' apartment shopping as well..
but no intention to buy anyway~
now i can really consider it..
but now i better set up my own projects then think about it again... haha

i shall just enjoy my free time now...
ps. I purchased the Esprit messenger lappie bag...
i loved it~ haha~ gussshhh i shud keep the spendin to a minimal... hehe
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