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Happy Labor Day!

yeah! i didnt know that Collecting TUala also kena affected by the Labor Day Hols...

in response to chyi!
Yeah! i am waiting for the IRONMAN since last weeks..
getting my hands on it asap!

I am particularly in a good mood after my relatives finally flew off to Germany. semalam.
I am back to my own tranquility.
I hate it when ppl starts disturbing my routine.

Today, I watched posh and becks documentary.
Erm kek dao by it nia...
Lucky ppls, I don think so...
Both of them really worked that ass off to get to where they are today!
Becks started kicking balls since 12 yrs old and posh started performing since seconday school.

Another Good News I want to share is....
KOI, 50lan is just 5 stops away from me home!!
I was bragging to my bro that if they were to open downstairs of me tempat...
i swear to god i patronize them everyday!!

finally having 2 deep breath to calm myself from all the Actions in skool.
I missed home honestly!
I cant wait to drop by home and slack as much as possible...
even I need a break!

havent been dining out much...
altho its encourage but i got an aim to fulfill...
my bro been One Tree Hill Marathoning..
while I drown myself in whatever tvshows i can get my hands on...
its pretty much like tat... more on the Two and A Half Men show
by charlie sheen. the actor who married Denise Richards and divorced her liao!

cook some stuff to fill stomach too~~
tomoro i am frying some spareribs...
i have this sauce which mom left here which i intend to use it b4 it expires bah~
i even have abalone from CNY celebrations..
i plan to cook it b4 it collects dust for my next CNY.
Next year, CNY is best celebrate in BN.
if skool doesnt forbid me from taking a CNY hols...
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