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cakes gourmet to stand off chyi's flat pancakes!

this new jepun franchise Pastisserie!shortcakes to finest soft cheeese cakes!
from creamy montblanc to omelette looking puff

smoking hot!
just very random!
i havent been updating for the past few days! coz busy busy busy!
my bro's advance bday! and we are so damn lazy to go out for dinner/buffet...
since i running some errands like selling stuffs, paying bills etc etc
i tapau assorted cakes to fill us up!
i sick of cakes liao~~
i still have secret recipe in my fridge...
that i belum take pics...
I bot 50 bucks worth of cakes... walao~~
I am not eating cakes till my own bday~~

BURP~~ creamy flavour...
I realised my spending is HIGHER than my revenue.. WALAO~~
when am i goin to hit breakeven????
GSS is back!! I'm lovin' it... i drool over esprit, pull and bear, Charles Tyrwhitt, all black rado watch, No Fcukin' Worries tee, fcuk 70% off jeans, topshop's symbolic %%%% dresser everywhere!!!!!
I saw this very silver, gold band - ck undies... SO COOL....
LOL~ ps. GUESS also 70% off walao~~
so does last season CK goin 50% Armani Jeans lagi 50%
but all were previous season!! who cares.. save a few chunks and looking like a millionaire!
its not that hard!!
i belum hit RIVERISLAND stores lagi~~ i see banyak org scrambling!!!
hmph~~ shopping soon~~!!!
may be not.....
I am saving for - i don evenknow?
pps. i tapau jar jiang mian for my bro from Ice Monster Outlet... which resemblence Taiwan foodie!
its ok nia~ in taipei yongkang lu is better!!!
ahahaha coz we were watching some drama and the show kept repeating the jar jiang mian coz the father of the character is a noodle chef......
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