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a day of carrie bradshaw's writing

it was almost certain that both of us were going to be late for our appointment at the Chinese-beehive, chinatown.
As we immediately found each other in the middle of OG. We quickly bought the infamous PMT at KOI!
well, like everyone would have guessed it.... KCY also fell in love with the mini-pearls... HAHA
its addictive I tell ya~
WE had bakuteh right after... boleh tahan loh~~but the rain was unkind towards how we were goin to spend our entire day!
It was for sure that our itinery of the day was karaoke.. It erm... STUCK...
we were hold up during the session, but we were compensate after the screen-saver had been occupying the screens for almost an hour. We were not drunk at all but we sang like we were deifinitely intoxicated a drum of beer each...
It was more like testing the acoustic in a tiny recording studio....
then soon we move on to watch Narnia Prince Caspian..
we had dinner 1st then i had pmT again but it was the next best thing after KOI.
soon enough we found ourselves indulging in BEN & JERRY ice-cream! YUM YUM~
it was GOOD not to mention GREAT..

then we spotted salvatore ferrgarmo SALES.. OMFG... I almost faint in there... It was totally awesome loh~
but then i didnt have the luck to enjoy it coz... if we wait for my purchase i would have missed the movie...
I personally enjoyed the movie.. worth the money but.... while I was queueing for popcorn/nachos...
It was shocked to me that the no. of gays around the cinema was immense...
its like singapore version of madi gras parading... LOL
kcy was saying wah many SUAI one.. so sayang... --___---
then i realised hmph~ its the 2nd day screening of Sex and the city..
Patutlah~... all of them fans??? haha~ but can see they have their own groupies one! there one herd over here another herd.. LOL
hmmm SATC damn happening leh~ i didnt know its a celebrated event until i witness one..
i didnt watch loH~ i think i likely to DL it... LOL
I m still disappointed that Narnia prince caspian ended half an hour more than the Salvatore's SALES CUT..
I felt a kinda left out nia.. on the bright side... I save my wallet from being dried up like those dried sotong... LOL
or else my day would be complete... with the good bargain of course...

Pics update tmr... very sleepy...
usually i dont do this kind of post..
use a lot of Random Access Memory in the Brain...
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