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I hope desperate Housewives have not ended...

here is the sneak peek of the end season 4 liao~~
its damn good i tell ya~~
i HEART the show
and guess what... SUSAN didnt hang on with delfino for long....

check out 5 yrs later...

i hope they definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY not. They are all under contract for at LEAST three more. Marc Cherry stated in the past that he would like it to end after seven seasons, but who knows. If it still has great ratings in three years, ABC execs will surely extend that seven year run to eight, nine, or even ten seasons.

my theories are if you were wondering because of that "fast forward" moment at the end, I have a feeling that was to get rid of some of the child actors on the show. The Scavo children are all now 5 years older, which means they will be dealing with 3 or 4 teenagers rather than younger kids. This also means that Susan won't have a baby to deal with on the show; they'll be dealing with a five-year-old instead.

casting of children is pain in the butt.. so fast forward, more opportunities for Young and NEW actors to bring the ratings back on~~
esp new character that are candies to the eyes.....
WALAO~~ ITS OVER SO SOON? Reviewed by Ah Wee on 5:46 AM Rating: 5

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