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brunei life

i didnt know i was that psychic...
it was a mere few days ago when i told my bro...
hey wanna get a new set of pc...
here i am slapping my own face... purchased a new pc liao...
well its not that bad considering the parts and good enough, truly good enough for normal office use...

I would say its definitely improved ones than my previous pc i had like 3 yrs ago and
btw the price is WAY WAY WAY different by almost an 150% the previous one i had was $2500
the new one is less than 750! new LCD screens! 160 gig! not enuff?? 2 gig ram compare to last time 512, 512!! omy!!
dvd burner lagi~ 20x leh previous was 16x!
back then the LCDs were EXP! now like dumping ground liao~~
and i had the altec speakers which cost a bomb... which i didnt use eventually~ coz
my neighbour knocked on the walls to signal me to keep the volumes down~
i was pretty embarassed by it...
hahaha~ this baby i got a bargain of $258 and 19" WIDE screen and its SAMSUNG.
Next time, when my children owns a pc would cost me 200 bucks loh~ and much much smaller in size too~
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