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this year had been oddly nice.. as nice yeah only a couple of shit..
but nice as in i sort of see the light at the end of tunnel...
rather than pushing myself to the unknown or aka pushing against the wind...

this year, after i went to taiwan. my feng shui totally changed, i bump into stars more often..
I even bump into the actor who appeared in all Mrt stations warning ppl about any suspicious article.. YEAH not that famous but only known to MRT users...

another thing is this year i get free rides buses twice.... yesterday was the 2nd one...
its very awkward when the bus driver asked u to come up and dont scan...
coz the scanner is RED and NOT IN SERVICE...

what are the odds of getting twice free bus ride home... and different bus no. lagi leh~~

i forgot what i wanted to add here in this topic...

nvm lah.... oh yeah~ i cleaned my room~ i am searching for new apartment liao~
ON the LOOK out...
my bro said I am crazy~~
think again~
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