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I shudnt have toy around~

yup~ i think i didnt do well in my exams...

I am not expecting As for all the subject liao~
but hopefully B will do just fine...
a bit let down by my own actions and carefree
Heart is not in Salt... chinese terms
I don know what is wrong..
I don think the pressure is that pressurizing...
what the helll am I looking forward to?

skool friends been weird lately...
inviting me to all the parties thrown by them diff peeps diff party~
yup they are spoiler than me...
I am very RESERVED okay! must be joking...

Anyway hopefully by wednesday! i hit my 10kg GOAL!
coz i am just 0.5kg away!! wooohooo
start collecting tuala tomro till i DIE...
WOOOHOOO i have killed my Taiwan Weight and Post CNY weight liao~
so proud! even my skool librarian praised the kurus-ness...
u know why! coz she said i fatten when i returned from taiwan! kek si by her!
nAh~ other more important stuff lah~~

my projects is still hangging! i am very scared to go thru it
even tho my mom support me dearly!
and i want to complete the project so my mom can enjoy my completion!

ViTAS concert 2003 completed! wooohooo
i DL one bah~~~
too bad tak ada surround sound home theathre system to listen to!
nvm lol good old TDK SLIME!
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