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i don like tagging stuff! unless some one pay me to be tagged...

next time pay me to do it!!
since i find it interesting i can do this for my advertorial benefits...

List eight (8) FUN facts about yourself.

1. I think I have master the art of dieting... so i will be glad to be your diet planner and work out planner for you!! Consulation fee is $80 and full planned schedule $180 for 2 months period.

2. I think I am good at directing short film. So rang me up if you have a project to complete.
VERY LOW BUDGET TV/INFOMERCIAL/MTV. package include sound editing, video editing, scouting location, staging and credits. Price range varies to requirement. $250 an Hour
famous Title is Brownie Earthquake.
latest Title is Taiwan 2008.

3. I think I'm sufficiently bless with voice-over talent. I can do scooby doo, arnold schwaneger, angela zhang sao han, james blunt only 80% and movie narrator 50% alike, many more......
$ 100 per hour... I try learn new one by listening to it over and over and over again...

4. I think I am blessed with mapping skills. Places I been to allow me to build a cognitive map in my head and would not get lost... 90% of the time...
therefore, I am familiar with major shopping centre in Sg, KL, Bn and recently added TAIWAN.
Hire me as your personal stores & restaurant navigator for $50 and hour. Expenses is subject to destination.
Served His Royal Highness and Her Majesty.

5. Creative Director,extraordinary ideas that blow your mind away.HIRE ME $500 an hour for consulationand additional cost for copyright. can NEGO.

6. NEW NEWPhotographer! using only PowerShot S80. Canon loh~HIRE ME $100 a day
maximum 2 gig pictures all digital!.. specialised in FOOD photography! HAHA

7.DVD TycoonOnly Sale Upon Request! I sell dvds... LOL each dvd $6 bucks due to Inflation.

8. Cheapest way to hire me is Scent-detector!HIRE ME $20 an hour.
i don like tagging stuff! unless some one pay me to be tagged... Reviewed by Ah Wee on 9:00 AM Rating: 5

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