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experimenting with creative blogging styles

excuse the crap previous entry!

wat was i thinking?

from now Onwards.

its all about my thoughts...

today I thought of my dreams i had for the past 4 consecutive nights...

one of them was Pinky singing an english song...
i know kinda weird if only i remember the tune and lyrics of the song...
Its gonna make money i tell ya!
its those pop song tat is totally composed with beats and even produced like any other hit pop song...
its like having a musical in my dream..
She was singing with her coach while I was sitting on the floor and coffee table while talking to another person when she started singing while holding the lyrics...

very odd person to dream abt... anyway! a lot of ppl in tat dream!
kinda don want to remember it...
I am pretty sure if the song sing by britney spears, it will be a hit....
coz i rmb even commenting to pinky! wah! not bad leh~
then everybody applauded...

LOL, I getting more and more creative dreams leh!
composed a complete lyrics and verse song in the brain is pretty BIG for a dream!

I hope i am not predicting the future.. LOL

other reality thots from today!
Calvin Klien new line of briefs ada 15% off
should i get it tomoro?
last day boh~

I jio my bro to have bakuteh esok!
don know lah~ see loh~

revision business law is completed
after studying law in my Americano sekolah
makes me understand the "law language" from all the court fights in the tv shows
recently newcomers LAW shows are ELI STONE and CANTERBURY LAW..
oldcomers were boston legal, damages and law & order haha~

I GET IT NOW all the latin phrases...
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