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dream a dream

FRENSH restaurant! at vivo city! hidden from the public eye!Tiramisu
Creme Brulee

I don know what to comment about dreams...

but I had an re-occurence dream...
the previous one was... at a huge mall~ and watching a choir concert or sumthing call canapes...
and yesterday i was at my dreamland huge mall again~
this time was not a concert but empty stage.. i found myself back there again~


Press Release.
Chyi's blog had been grabbing advertisers eversince she merge with MSW blog.

Tv Updates
Been watching lots and lots of new show...
especially addicted to Legal shows like Eli Stone, Canterbury Law
Comedy shows would be Desperate Housewives back with new episodes!!
Dirt S2 so so only~
Reality shows would be Hells Kitchen 4, Oprah Big Give 1 and Top Chef 4

Had been most active in my entire lifespan.
I had Jim, Tennis Lesson, Badminton~~ woooffff
wat a week...
aching like hell.

One more week till DOOMS DAY!
exam loh~~ belum revise lagi~~
STILL busy doing leftovers stuff.. HAHA
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