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Omicho Market - Kanazawa, Japan

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Omicho Market (近江町市場, Ōmichō Ichiba) has been Kanazawa's largest fresh food market since the Edo Period. Today, it is a busy and colorful network of covered streets lined by about 200 shops and stalls. While most shops specialize in the excellent local seafood and produce, you can also find flowers, clothing, kitchen tools and more on sale. Although the market is most exciting during the morning hours, it also gets quite busy around noon, when tourists and locals arrive to have lunch at restaurants inside the market. It is not unusual for lines to build in front of the popular restaurants, many of which specialize in rice bowls topped with fresh Kanazawa seafood.
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Omicho Market - Kanazawa, Japan Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 3:27 AM Rating: 5 Silver and Gold Leaf Softserve Omicho Market (近江町市場, Ōmichō Ichib...

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