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Restaurant A La Ville, Antwerp

 the unique piece of lighting hanging above
 A La Ville Menu
Hand written menu
 Fresh Baked Bread and Paprika infused butter
 Cherry tomatoes and broad beans
Vacqueyras Rouge Vin
 Lobster bisque and lobster claw, rouille and garlic crusts
 The lobster bisque is really have intense lobster bouillon.

 Marrow poached in herbes, snails from Burgundy baked with pink garlic from Lautrec
 Veal sweet breads of the heart, sauce with slight taste of lemon, crusty vegetables
 Irish Filet de bœuf grilled, sauted vegetables and home made crisps
 Cheese Platter
 Petite Flan
 Hand written desserts menu
Irish Coffee & Creme Brulee!

The chef is Mediterranean who grew up in South of France which shows freshness of ingredients and traditional French techniques were seen through out my dinner here.

The most memorable dishes are the Lobster Bisque and Grilled Bone Marrow
Its been a while that I had such intensely cooked down lobster bisque, the crustaceans flavor just fill the entire bowl! As for the Bone Marrow, its like melting butter in my mouth, If I didn't have to watch what I eat, I would for sure go for second serving of the giant slab of bone!
Another highlight of the meal is the Veal sweet breads! A good French cuisine is a good sauce that can supplement the star of the dish! It was really good!

The beef steak was perfect too! with grilled vegetables & deep fried hand cut chips!

The dinner was finished off with Irish Coffee and Creme Brulee!
Vanilla seeds were seen dotting all over the creme brulee thats a good sign of fresh vanilla were used!

The restaurant is quaint, even the chef attends to his customer himself!

Great dinner here in the city centre of Antwerp.

Pictures by Mak Sin Wee
Restaurant A La Ville, Antwerp Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 3:18 AM Rating: 5  the unique piece of lighting hanging above  A La Ville Menu Hand written menu  Fresh Baked Bread and Paprika inf...

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