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could u tell i am not an ABC... but i am BBC

this just in!
yeah back to square one writing articles of my shameless lifestyle...
over the years i create a lot of weird thots and ways to appreciate my multi-lingual ability!

i have come up with one from the ABC abbrv.
it stands for American Born Chinese...
well i get ppl saying i look like Malay Mudbloood...
so i thot to myself why not be BBC...
not british broadcasting channel...

its Brunei Born Chinese!! LAME...

anyway! with my recent appearances with Thick Gold Chain around me neck...
as some of my friends had witness when visiting me in Kikapor.
then hor... after their departure..
i went around the island to run some errands...
first in the cab, uncle start talking to me in HOKKIEN????
what the hell??? not that i don understand but leh!!
is it becoz of the gold chain i look like some LOCAL Loan Shark who is fluent in Hokkien...
i was answering him in Spiaking English lah~~
then i went to a Mall, to settle bills, got one aunty ask me for direction in FULL Hokkien...
is it the gold chain disguise????
oh my!!!

i had a weird day!!!!!

funnny aint it... try it some day!!
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