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come to think of it... i am obsess kua!

the kinky side of me.

i have an "unusual" habit. i never knew i would say this in my blog but who cares.
ppl are in need of articles to laugh at....
funnily! i had a habit of wearing cologne when i am out and about.
i find it very enticing that i could attract women from all ages.
yeah of all ages! when i talk to girls or women, they tend to strike a conversation by complimenting my "manly" odour.
always enquire what i use...

i have a good nose "thats what i think" and oddly i came across a documentary on Discovery channel in my primary years.
It mentioned that they uncovered that we, human being have no.6 senses!
not the psychic but a real senses in smell that we have yet to learn about...
have u ever wonder why u can smell something fishy going on?
or suddenly attracted to somebody or feel comfortable talking others that u just make acquaintance!
its our no.6 sense right inside our nose..

now i just cant stop using liao!!! ppl cant stop asking what i use!!! wahahahhahaaha
so far i havent got male askin me what i use!, primarily they don detect the smells
coZ female tends to be more sensitives to good smell or bad smell than male.

so invest a great smelling Eau De Toillet and you might just get laid...
come to think of it... i am obsess kua! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 6:11 AM Rating: 5

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