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yeah! dad returned back to Bn liao~~
aint cool to disrupt me tight schedule ya know~~
been sickie for half a day!!
thanks to me "liang" teh remedy and also me "feng shui!"
guess alll the touring. and bargaining and transactions and blah blah blah~~~
i was xtremely exhausted....

so many tv shows been catching up!!!
erm Kyle Xy, Prison break, Desperate housewives, notes from the underbelly, american gladiators, chuck, jericho, one tree hill, the apprentice, moonlight, psych, cashmere mafia, terminator the sarah connor, oh yeah L word too!!!
drowning mua~~

also cleaning up my itunes library!!!!
walao so many songs need to be renamed....
kek tio~~

i also have the news that!! i wont be returning to Brunei for CNY!
its been confirmed...
just a neutral feeling...
but the other way round...
mua family coming out to sg for a quiet CNY! they needed the rehab!
i also need it too!

i alwez go back to bn to do yearly feng shui updates...
i would really want to return badly for the updates!!!
this is the only thing that is bugging me coz...
i have a job to do mah~~~
bcoz if my dad don win 4D everymonth! i will be in big trouble...
see how demanding my job is!! have monthly target to achieve leh!!
long time no achievements loh~~~
another thing is that!! i want good health for me family!!!
so i need to work my magic! heh~ if one belief it... LOL

Moonie Wise?
been having BIG tips from my aunts and uncles' visits!
guess my hospitality and presentation is worth paying attention for...
Note to Self. Reject all relatives with "tipless visits"
if i not mistaken i could afford a new iphone liao!

not that i cannot have it!! just that i am sick of my papa and mommy buying me things liao!!
i want other ppl to buy me things..
but it aint gonna happen lah~~
so better rely on my trusty papa and mommy!!

love mommy and papa!!!

i have no idea what is my next in thing!!

been blogging succesffully liao!! now kinda over it..... hehe~~
been watching all american tv shows successfully!! and still goin strong!
been to taiwan?


bull shtting here!!
goin back to grass diet after all the splurge in taiwan!!
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