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WonderFULL 2007

i finally make time to thank the wonderful people i went to Taipei with..
They were awesome... and patient enuff with me my Grade "F"ull marks chinese!!

First and Foremost, i want to thank my mommy and papa for the trip to Taiwan!!! without them, it wouldn't come true.

Their immense support to let me explore a new world of chinese land had made me realised, I am glad i studied in a Chinese School.

LOVE my mom and dad.

the whole vacation theme was "anything can happen"
indeed lots of shitts piling day by day!!!
Waahahhaha.... we got over it day by day!!!

in the end, we learned more about each other... and our special talent during the tour
each of us has our own abilities to balance out each other weaknesses
we made hell of a great TEAM.

1st. chyi
the ultimate planner.
Chinese Grade "A"verage
Public Relations - represent the group
Motto "by asking will bring us where we want to go"

2nd. Sp
the accurate accountant
Our language correctionist aka our translator.
Map folder, Baju menlipat.
Chinese Grade "B"est

3rd Me.
the Usher - make sure the group is on time.
Chinese Grade "F"ull Marks
good sense of directions and observant

Overall, the vacation was a blast yet tiring.
i must say the tour was a success.
we hope to bring the next destination another round of fun, exciting and kick ass.

Thank You Guys!!!
Get Ready Hong Kong! Here we come!!

ps. i miss night market and beef tendon noodle.

This trip is the courtesy of mom and dad.

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