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back to the tiny island liao

checkers cake display
roti tissue open house...
Prata counter
random disgusting meat ball sphags
grilled chicken tomyam sauce
pumpkin soup
teh tarik
ice tea
as a request from an aunt of mine...
in order to show the safety of Brunei security and its abode of peace claims
here is a proof....
a car key in a car door with no one attending to the car at a parking lot....
ps. not my car
its a real deal...
personal favorite.... cucur ubi/ cucur udang rojak!!!
Sotong, cucur udang and cucur ubi
three sours
stirred chendol
red bean with susu
triple threat ice cream cakes
ice cream fondue
with whipped... at home
ta dah....

It was saddening not only in my eyes but a few others on the flight with me away from home loh
I was super home sick for a seconds until i adjusted back to sg-lifestyle kua... HAHAHA.....

i have a few random pictures uploaded from back home...Back to the JIM

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