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Timbre Substation - Singapore

Me & friends were kind of skeptical when we realized the place was actually OUTDOOR.
Our initial thoughts were! WALAO no aircon...
siao liao!! we thot the place was atas end up bawah only elevate atas sedikit by cement...
Nonetheless... the band were great!! awesome
but a bit late for the band to begin! 10 30pm baru start!
Overall, i enjoy dining there oh!!

Cajun Chicken! well prepared unlike hogs breath's version! overly tangy..
at timbre was exquisite
Tandori pizza snatched
As a chinese raised, we ordered tandoori chicken pizza because it has the longest list of ingredients on the pizza in compare to other pizza ingredients mentioned on the menu.. HAHA
get more pay same price bah!!
Two types Fish & Chips!! Sumptous & Succulent!
Baby Pork Ribs!!
this is definitely a winner!!! compare to kenny rogers!!
Stuffed Button Mushrooms!! not to cheesy... just nice for tapas!
Mango Magheritas!! our fav drink that night!
Pina Colada..
Before 8
After 8
this concludes my night at Timbre...
i really enjoy the food, the splendid performance <-possibly because="" div="" in="" ipods="" my="" played="" songs="" that="" they="" were="">
I would go back for more margheritas!! SERIOUSLY!
ah chyi!! we must go there!!!!

Pictures by MSW
Timbre Substation - Singapore Reviewed by Ah Wee on 2:51 AM Rating: 5

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