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LG indeed

Life's Good.... adapted from LG.

I am super duper excited for this coming new year!!! Its kinda sad tat I am leaving home tmr.
I miss the royal treatment already!!!

gosh, its coming to an end and i don't want to leave.........

Happy Chinese NIU Year 2009!!!
I miss mommy, papa liao.....

sienz loh....

I know economy is not doing so well recently, but leh... daddy and mommy is not affected "seriously" so I faster debate and demand for an upgrade hahaha

Btw, i had receive the green light to spend minimum $2000 on LCD/Plasma Tv for our bachelor pad in sg, of course a very good negotiator like me will not let go off a with freebies along with it, i ask for ipod nano for my bro, a SLR camera for me and also a trip to Japan with my friends (TBC)....

Sebenarnya, i need not ask la... they will shower us everything as long as they can afford....
but we are too guilty to request bah!!!

the entire spending will not be immediate. I will hunt down the cheapest and worthy deals in sg. Of coz for Tv will be during the expo/exhibitions where mega deals are the best!!!

tbc- to be confirm

actually there weren't any debate nor squabble during the negotiations...
just a simple... "ok" hahahahaha

This year My Shopping List...
1.LCD/Plasma TV
2.Wide LCD Monitor for replace my squarish..
3.Ipod Nano
4.Good Year Adidas Kasut
5.LV trunk
6.IWC watch
7.GUCCI Lanyard
8.unspecified Cards Holder
9.Osim Chair
10.Porsche Cayenne - may be not so soon kua...

these are just a gender reminder for mua... at least now i have something to look forward to!!!
some task being assign to do bah... or else another year go by and i did nothing?
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