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attention CHOI

apparently, ms.CHOI, u think what? MSW.blogspot. is a one stop T junction for you to surf to other ppl's blog ar???
U ARE BANNED from here!!!! wahahahha
unless u click my advertisement...

some random tiny itsy bitsy things happened,
first the a bird died yesterday. no its not bird flu.
hehe unfortunately it flew blindly and kok its head and suffered a severe PHD.
Permanent Head Damage.
after the diagnose causes of death, it was pronounced dead asap.
and buried instead of end up in the dumpster.

wahahaa.... today i played detective, as my neighbour's maid were trading illegally.
selling second hands' hp.
quite a number of models she got there.

things i love abt being home.
i can use as much laundry as i want.
bath longer than usual, shower more than 3 times a day!!!
shake leg, no chores, read newspaper, watch news & bloomberg,
funnily, i have time to even take a peek at the watch/clock. lol
to await lunch or dinner....
AaaaaaahhhhHHHHH, the good life.

lucky me....
ps. I drank EASY WAY last nite.. wooohooo...
oh yeah! one last headlines...

LENTTY is back in BRUNEI. as seen on her blog.
welcome home... LOL

i am in need to go to pasar malam.
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