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to blog or not to blog~

today's question:

what is your purpose in this life?

kinda sucks right? LOL


anyway, i was goin back and forth whether to make an attentively obvious shit post.
I cant wait to go back 2nd p.
its been pretty laid back at 1st p.
otherwise the spare that belly tyre. PLS?

I have yet to pack.... its kinda nice to be out and about for a while, over the period.

I have upgraded my talents or skills

Driving is finally included in my life resume.
oh yeah~ I asked daddy for a car, he oredi pull out the greeen bat-signal.
WOOOOHOOO!! can only get after my studies... since we don even live here.

my dream porsche on top of my blog banner is finally coming thru..
finger-crossed that i will and must complete my studies ey....
in order to materialize my carrera.
green light for my bro too... same agreement.
he eyeing on audi r8 or what don know him~

oh yeah! recently been down with red-eye.
don know what is so so coincidental then red-eye in brunei.
this is my 2nd time home kena red-eye.
i must be allergic to home?
why leh?

kinda relief that i didnt go to seri kemayan, guess what!!
seri kemayan tauke nio, come to my house the next day!!
wahahahahaha, she house my neighbourhood.
apparently, "the hills" is all sold out!
didnt know real-estate at my joint is so HOT!!
another highly anticipated luxury homes are constructing just a block away from my home.
its gonna booost "the hills" location up a notch.

with philipines embassy, iran embassy, republic of china embassy all within the 2km radius, security wised are more tight with police patrolling the neighbourhood 24/7

however the $1 million BND luxury homes are only for the ABDUL RAZAK's family use only!
rumour has it, his grandchildren are adults soon, and they expanding more homes for each of his grand children to move in to.

stop here, eye-sores liao.
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