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what fun would it be?

i am now 0.25 cents away from cashing out from my advertisement.
do me a favor by sending some one a SG e card.. PLS?
thank you!

apparently, its officially that 2 bloggers had privatised their blog.
when is it goin to be my TURN?
i wonder to myself as i forsee i would be a fucking mega celebs then baru i privatised my blog kua...
HMMM..... well, i bet this 2 bloggers must be adequately famous liao...

pls... someone stalk me?
i pay u to do it?


been laughing my head off watching wipe out...
evidently i am using wireless so i shall post no pics at the meantime...
2 more weeks b4 i head back to my international headquarter.
altho my current HQ is main branch.

i cannot lived with a 3.5mbps espeed la...
WALAO eh~~

ermm i think i don have much to complain la la...
errr... monkey came yesterday! eating papaya leaves boh?
a herd of them came...

erm standingby to sell more dvdS...
pls contact me if u want to buy american tv shows..
while stocks last..

pps. oh yeah~ i got my license loooooo
yeah, i know, i couldnt belief it either...
imagine me driving... so weird... ..........
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