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In Spore, places to go is limited. But makan is alwez a HEADACHE....

Here are my fav. list!!
Branch out from OZ
HOGS BREATH.. nice nice nice lor. its steak, well-done takes 45mins. i don know why either..
so medium rare will do. The mashed potato is HEAVEN 90% total different from KFC ler..Yummiest steaks makanan ever. @vivo, chjimes.
Branch out from Jepun.
Ma-Maison is not only famous for its jepun+ang moh fusion restaurants but also Bakery shop. altho in K.Lumpur Jusco import their FRESHLY Baked Loaf of Bread. YUMMIEST Plain bread ever.the bread is buttery itself. just makan plainly like tat oredi SLURP. oh yah 18RM per loaf.I had the BEST Tonkatsudon set. Premium THICKED Pork CHOP ler... got special sauce lagi!!!!!!and the Hamburger steak also yum~ BURP. only SGD19.80 lerincld. dessert, miso sup, nasi!!! wahahhaha available @ Central and bugis

Ranging from sausage, whole ham, fish, steaks, chicken to pineapple!!my favourites man!!! ROAST PINEAPPLES... YUMMY... never eat like that b4 mah~!and i alwez ask the "passadors" +pic+ to slice me the hangus pineapple part... SLURP.they come to you while u sit. VERY SCARY EXPERIENCE coz each passadors holds a long MACHETE ler.. parang bah!! Everyone has their own coaster red color on one side the other green color. RED means STOP, GREEN means KEEP IT COMIN" hahaha.. Buffet BUFFET ler... no need to go grab instead they come to you. EXCEPT salads bar. Not expensive at all lunch only 22bucks oredi ++
wahahahahhaa @vivo and Chjimes.

At Aburiya, robertson quay!Bbq on real charcoal, jepun restaurant.FLAME ON!

I personally dont eat roast ducks or any ducks dishes except foie gras!(duck or goose liver). But i do eat at Dian Xiao Er! crispy duckling. Can eat can eat. The herbal roast duck is excellent. You get to choose from about four different styles of herb combination,got ginseng one, wild herbs, angelic herbs etc etc.The skin is crispy and the meat tender, juicy, and full-bodied (with the herb flavours, that is.) extracted quote la lazy to type. @vivo, marina sq.

Waraku,my fav JEPUN restaurant. very the yummy paper steamboats, BURP. i know excapade also have liao but.. compare to this. walan eh. this one 100% better.. excapade use kimchi to boil as soup ler..YUCK.. Anyway they have superb desserts... check out the webbie for the menus. and they also recently buka a jepun italia pasta!!! YUMMY ALSO.... i baru went only!!! Wide varities of Pasta man! @ central

For SUPER Fine Dining.. Prices are severely Throat Choking but feast for the eyes too. ART on Plate. Sun With Moon in Wheelocks Place. My FAVE. Dessert Jepun restaurant. Sushi there are yummy too. Main course not bad la.. unique dinning experience... the dessert are best.. my fav is maroon chocolate parfait.... burp.
NewYorkNewYork. i like this fancy american restaurant. the calamari sauce is thai chilli sos + peanut butter... WALAO yummy ler... didnt expect that... the rest of the menu are common pastas, steaks, burgers, sandwiches... they sell GIANT YANKEE BURGER.. which i never order YET. @ citylink ler....

Hav U Try Fried Pasta?? or Cheese Camembert?? @ bugis, INDULGZ restaurant

Lastly, MacD ada BAGEL breakfast ler...
WTH WTH WTH... been craving for bagels since i started watch Ang Moh tv.. they all eat bagels for breakie... SGD5.65 per meal.. i think i use ez link so don rmb.
There are still many pristine restaurant in this tiny island i belum explore bcoz i don't makan alone. macam very kerlian and cannot order more varieties. wahahhahaa I usually makan with my Ohana members. Life just get more worth living when surrounded with sinful CALORIES.
Restoran Link ++ Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 8:17 PM Rating: 5 In Spore, places to go is limited. But makan is alwez a HEADACHE.... WHERE SHUD I GO MAKAN? Here are my fav. list!! Branch out from OZ HOGS ...

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