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Blurred Out!!

Altho i am 100% proud of myself.. being able to put up this GUCCI wallpaper...
which took me painstaking hrs to complete.. and adjusting it so it would mutiply itself to look like a piece of printed GG...

Now its getting annoying... Blurring my visions whenever i view it..
But i will need it for sometime until i find a suitable replacement.....
as i recalled a teacher of mine once shared by posting pictures of things or evidences of wants and needs.
One day you're wish might come true. What she meant was psychically sticking pics on the fridge or posters on the walls... what i am doin is posting on the web nia mah!!!
Better list out what you want and make sure u get to see it every single day!!! not knowing it might just appear from time to time...

TRY IT. I know it works for me...
Blurred Out!! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 8:27 AM Rating: 5

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