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I cant live w/o tv. (tv Spoilers)

all my Fav. shows showing in the U, the S and the A - Finitoh liao.....

1.LOST season 3 had end with superb twists and more reasons to watch the next instalments of season 4. With charlie being the last death among the survivors of Oceania Flight 815 , and finally rescued. Now jack is craving to balik to the island which he now regrets leaving the island. At least now they all have the golden passes for Oceania Airlines, they can fly when and where ever they want for FREE. Also in this season they mention Singapore! -_-"" Evangeline Lily is 90% reasons i watch!!

2.Desperate Housewives season 3 also had a very revealing twist making it worth while to wait for the next instalments of season 4. Eddie commited suicide, Lynette had cancer, Bree is fake pregnant on behalf of Danielle while Gabby regrets marrying her political husband. This season, Singapore was mentioned. The Desp Housewives is 80% reasons i watch!!

3.Heroes season 1 is definitely a well written super heroes tv series i ever watched.
A bit draggy at first but the finale is guaranteed worth watching as all is revealed and an imminent doom AGAIN. So season 2 is also a CAN'T WAIT series. Jessica is 70% reasons i watch.

4.Prison Break season 2 had long ended with Michael being back in prison but this time he is the guilty one and its in Panama prison called SONA which the govt knew and prepared. They are monitoring him closely. That's what we are going to find out in the next season.

5.Grey's Anatomy season 3 was dramatic and funny and the twist was simple. Will O'mailey character stay? where did Burk go? what will happen to Yang? Will Meredith be with Derek again????? super drama or should i say overly drama and yet I LIKE. will need a countdown on when its next season. Hmmmm. Model doctor is 70% reason i watch!!

6.Veronica Mars season 3 also ended with a fruitful mystery! altho its previous 2 seasons were mysterious enought to keep me watching! like what happened to Lily Kanes murder? and who bomb the skool bus? The next season is who shot Veronica's sex video?? Interesting right?? Kristen Bell is 90% reasons i watch!!

7.Ugly Betty season 1 very the chitto fashion industry series, mostly Devil Wears Prada based.
only twist is the main character is ugly! HAH! funny overall. In the next season will answer question like Betty's father will be able to come back to the states or not? Is Daniel and Alexis Meade alright? Willhemina and Braford meades' marriage? and mrs.meades success break out of jail. The show is very cartoonish and hilarious and a bit unpleasant to watch. Willheminia mentioned Singapore housewives use guppy therapy on their feets in order to have smooth smooth feet. Amanda is 70% reasons i watch!!

8.One Tree Hill season 4 Super Overated Drama shits, can't stand the characters' weird look!
in deed failure man!!! the entire drama! only basketball fans like this show.

9. Smallville season 6 is already very power ranger liao than a teenage sci-fi series. What could season 7 lead us to???
KRISTIN KREUK is 100% reasons i watch!!

10.House season 3 and Criminal Minds season 2 are undeniably informative of a doctor's point of view and a FBI p.o.v. so i need to watch more to be more experienced lor. This season of House mentioned Singapore.

Every Tv-shows need a babe magnet to keep the viewers stay in tune. Guess its working!! wahahhaahahahaha*)&$*&efv5;@*)_!(#*~87Y30-*&Y*(#$_)(@
Have you heard one of the Olsen is cast as a new character on Weeds series?
Would u not watch?
I am so so empty w/o my shows feeding me! I need a new hobby, a temp hobby until i get back on track to my shows. Recently, many tv shows and even Pirates of the Carribean 3 Welcomes You to KiKAPo!!!!! i want to puke liao... i wondered if Sg Tourism Board paid them to mention this tiny island.. SERIOUSLY??????
I cant live w/o tv. (tv Spoilers) Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 8:54 AM Rating: 5 all my Fav. shows showing in the U, the S and the A - Finitoh liao..... 1.LOST season 3 had end with superb twists and more reasons to watch...

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