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Brasserie Mollard - Paris, France

 Tucked in between Gare Saint-Lazare and the Grands Boulevards. This elegant art nouveau décor interior with almost everything either polished and gleaming or sporting a patina of age – a touch decrepit overall, but in a its most charming way: colorful mosaics, ceramic frescoes, marble columns, gilt ceiling, circular lamps and furniture by E. Niermans himself (the designer behind the Moulin Rouge and Monte Carlo’s Hotel de Paris).

 Table setting
 The Plateau de Fruits de Mer
 the condiment
 Amazing looking The Plateau de Fruits de Mer
6 Blanche de Bretagne n°3, 2 Belons n°3, 4 Claire n°3, 2 Praires, 4 Amandes Clams, 2 Prawns, Shrimps, 2 Clams, Crab, Winkles, 2 Velvet swimming crabs, Sea Snails, Mussels 
 Rosee Wine
 Fresh Clams
Large Crab!

The restaurant is very charming, authentic dining experience with bow-tied french wait-staff! Service is also old school and attentive!
Highly recommend Brasserie Mollard in Paris.
Pictures by Mak Sin Wee
Brasserie Mollard - Paris, France Reviewed by Ah Wee on 12:11 PM Rating: 5

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