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Terminus Nord, Paris

 This delightful combination of Art Nouveau and Art Déco is a mere stone's throw from the Gare du Nord train station. Since 1925, the traditional brasserie has been extending a gourmet welcome to Parisian travellers. Businessmen heading off to London, European Parliament members returning from Brussels, families visiting from the provinces... everyone's paths cross at Terminus Nord, the most animated of the great Parisian brasseries.
 Fresh array of seafoods "fruits de mer"
 Can't believe this restaurant is 89 years old already!

 Chablis, Bourgogne Wine
 Large Burgundy snails marinaded in Chablis
 Scallops carpaccio with cream of celery Arenkha and lime
 Roasted breast of Red Label PGI duck from South-Western France with morels mushrooms
 Uplcose roasted duck breast from South-Western France with morels stir-fried in cream
 Special Sauerkraut
A typical Sauerkraut has smoked sausage, pork bacon and chorizo

Terminus Nord is very charming brasseries, the interior, the waiter with bow ties!
Widely known to cater to passenger on the go!
You can see the influences of arts and pictures displayed there of Bruxelles and the French.

Dinner here is fast pace, they serve accordingly on time to 
ensure you catch the train at Gare Du Nord.

Most memorable dishes are the Duck breast and Morels mushrooms, I especially love the morel mushrooms sauteed in cream sauce! It was my first time having morel mushroom! and I say I am hooked on these mushrooms! The Sauerkraut are good too, just the way the Provencal French would made it!

Dinner here is rather historical and charming
Will definitely come back here again!

Pictures by Mak Sin Wee

Terminus Nord, Paris Reviewed by Ah Wee on 11:14 AM Rating: 5

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