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Yippee-ei-o! Steakhouse - Tusayan, Arizona

 The Grand Canyon Beer
 16oz Tbone Steak
Slow Roast Pork Ribs

This is how you will encounter this restaursnt because of these circumstances:
1. Yelp isn't working on your phone due to poor signal and the big flashy sign catches your attention!
2. The restaurant near by has less cars parking in front of the restaurants would be a red flag!
3. You checked out the other restaurants in the area and don't want to go to the Wendy's and McDonalds where the only thing on the dollar menu is a cookie so you don't really have any alternatives
4. You are really hungry after a long day of hiking and don't want to go all the way to Flagstaff to get a meal

So here, we didn't wanna go that far for a meal, and chose Yippee-ei-o! Steakhouse as they had the most cars parked outside of the restaurant! Prolly it was good ? *thinking to myself*

Its almost like a time capsule, cowboy place! Big portion and big price tag!
They serve rattle snake appetizers! which I had no guts to try!

The Grand Canyon beer was not bad at all!
I read the review online, they had pretty bad ratings on various site.

I am not sure is it me? Probably I was dead tired and low in sodium after the long day hike at Grand Canyon. I can vouch that the ribs were good and the steak was excellent with charcoal grilled marks!
I won't complain the side dishes! Its sorta complimentary anyway hence they cooked in bulk.

I had a good experience eating in the "wild wild west" setting!
Come on its Tusayan! its like out of no where! Don't expect michelin star standard!

Pictures by Mak Sin Wee

Yippee-ei-o! Steakhouse - Tusayan, Arizona Reviewed by Ah Wee on 2:56 AM Rating: 5

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