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Telaesthesia - twitching abilities

Telaesthesia is the ability to acquire information about distant events, objects or people through the interpretation of physical disturbances of the body, such as throbbing, twitching, itching or whistling in the ears.

This perception at a distance is practised by the Australian Aborigines of the Western Desert region. If a person feels a part of the body throbbing, it means that somebody is thinking about you. The different body parts signify that a specific person in relation to you. This is known in the Western Desert language as Punka-Punkara.


Niirnakatira Whistling in the ears indicates that your elder brother is thinking of you.

Takalarrara Crackling in the nose that indicates a visitor or event is approaching.

Mirna Punka-Punkara Throbbing in the upper arm that indicates that a parent is thinking of you.

Kurtaku Punka-Punkara, Kamurulu Kulira Throbbing felt in the heart that indicates that your maternal uncle (mother's brother) is thinking of you.

Katjalu Throbbing felt in the heart that indicates that a male cousin on your mother's side (maternal uncle's son) is thinking of you.

Parnta, Tjunta, Punka-Punkara, Kurrilu Kulira Throbbing felt in the groin or thigh that indicates that your spouse is thinking of you.

Murnngu Punka-Punkara, Tjutulu, Kurtalu Kulira Throbbing felt in the calf or leg that indicates that your elder sister or elder brother is involved.


Other societies in the West have also long practised telaesthesia, via the interpretation of twitches and itches in particular. Popular knowledge has a range of interpretations for some common itches:

Crown of Head Advancement or promotion.

Right Eye or Eyebrow You will meet up with an old friend.

Left Eye or Eyebrow You will shortly be annoyed or disappointed.

Ear You will be shortly annoyed by something or somebody.

Ear tingling Someone jealous is gossiping about you.

Right Ear ringing You will receive some good news.

Left Ear ringing You will receive some bad news.

Right Ear itching Someone is talking well of you.

Left Ear itching Someone is gossiping spitefully about you.

Right Cheek Someone is speaking well of you.

Left Cheek Someone is speaking ill of you.

Nose You can expect visitors soon.

Nose (inside) Trouble or sorrow is coming your way.

Mouth Someone is talking disrespectfully of you behind your back.

Back of Neck A relative is ill.

Right Shoulder An inheritance

Left Shoulder Unhappiness.Back You will be disappointed.

Right Elbow Exciting news is coming your way.

Left Elbow Bad news is coiming, or losses.

Right Hand You will soon receive a sum of money.

Left Hand You will soon have to spend money.

Stomach You will receive an invitation to dine.

Groin You will be reconciled after a quarrel.

Thigh You will change residence.

Right Knee You will go on a pleasant journey.

Left Knee You will go on an unpleasant journey.

Shins You will receive an unpleasant surprise.

Right Ankle You will soon receive a sum of money.

Left Ankle You will soon have to spend money.

Right Foot Expect a profitable journey, or you will be travelling to a familiar place.

Left Foot A journey will result in loss, or you will be travelling somewhere you haven't been to before.If you suddenly feel depressed for no reason, this is a sign that unexpected good news is coming.
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