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new shoes.... for feet.

walao so fast 1st purchases...

Got a "impulse" good bargain! @ nike
BTW chyi!! as you have known that the financial crisis are interrupting the retail sectors...
u shud see how they stack all the nike at the area.. its OMFG....
its like a giant uno-stacko....
NOW everywhere is having MAD SALES....
EVERYWHERE! i tell ya!!!
all branded and non-branded... MAD SALES...
but i will wait for SUPER-MAD SALES in YEAR END.
just have to TAHAN!!!!!!
gosh need to smack myself man!!! i think i will run back to the stores to get the lacoste footwear...
btw, i oredi restrain myself from buyin 5 pairs.. coz i was with my dad...
he was watching mah... so have to be very discreetly careful not to spill the beans of my retail terapi habit... LOL
english meaning retail therapy.
malay meaning retail "shoppin" on fire.
exactly the same expression! whahahahah
new shoes.... for feet. Reviewed by Ah Wee on 3:18 AM Rating: 5

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