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beeen taking slow for too long!

yeah! i am back to my old habit... binge eating and binge jimming...
i have so much to do yet little time..
i have been sorting my dvd collections and boy! i am in a mess!!
not planing to sort them out... until chyi drop by and help me out with the mess..

i cant wait to go for xmas bargains nah i think more like xmas spree with my bro....
getting wii, may be some gizmo or may be not.. SEE mood.

my ipodvideo kena cracked by lil' nathan last mondayz i assumed..
i complained to mom liao...
i shall get new iphone instead.. THANKS... in advance...
beeen taking slow for too long! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 8:26 PM Rating: 5

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