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my POV!

i have so much things going on right!!
homework, quiz, assignment, blah blah blah

some of you might already know about the recently surfaced blog!

just want to clear my frens' mind!!!
don worry!! i am not goin to be bankrupt!!
YESH! i am related directly to the blog owner.
the blog owner's father is my grandfather.

i would say the blog only published my grandpa's segment of the whole story!
I have yet to publish my dad's generation's story!
compiling the evidence bah!!!

I would say my story 1st.
to be honest, my dad have been mentioning about B*P since i cant remember.
day in day out! especially weekend, i have to travel down to seria either to visit grandpa or my uncles!! (also another reason why i dislike travelling down to seria,kb today)
it wasnt that much impact towards me, however i get annoyed listening to his stories, complains all the time!!! i would always remind him that "yeap! this is the 12th time you told me!" and counting

When the lawsuit came, my dad was having hard time coping with the massive flows of $$$$$$,
the lawyers were draining my dad, thank god for my mom, dad's siblings whom sacrificed a lot,
properties were sold, money were loaned.... (all debts paid off liao!)

My dad travelled extensively just to find the best lawyers!
from KL, he tot "RM" cheap mah! whahaha who knows all the same!!
chopped head one!!!

He went all the way to LONDON just to hire a lawyer from England lagi
you know those with "SIR" in front of their names one lah!!
i remembered he told me that he saw Mister Softy in London and said cheh franchised/copied from London one!! exactly same merc ice cream truck!

the London lawyers demand First class airticket to Brunei. expects to drink Evian water leh!
Sehat water they don want to drink!
while their stay in Sheraton all paid by my dad! and dinner in hotels everynight!!
coz last time restaurant mana lagi high class....

my dad did complained that his children didnt even had the privileged to dine everynight!!
they all just sucked every single penny! and you know lawyers demand payment whenever a task or documents is completed! the numbers of Zeros behind the 1st digit is always a sigh for my dad.

(all this happened b4 secondary schools)
I vaguely remember much except the funny stuff...

there are more than it meets the eye!
we only published the facts of my grandfather and yet it already stirs up a lot of noise!!

i am just glad, me the 3rd generations had done my part for this family heirloom!
my aim is to share with the public, hopefully my dad will get a public apology from "them"!
not to mention a damn good compensation!!

Ps. this is my public statement! eh seh!!
whahaha! i should also make a claim from "them" since all this years till today, i had been listening to my dad's distress and this affects our relationships and affected my grades as well!!
my POV! Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 12:22 AM Rating: 5 i have so much things going on right!! homework, quiz, assignment, blah blah blah some of you might already know about the recently surfaced...

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