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Pure eat out, Pure Shopping, Pure Movies.. Pure raining pictures

Bentendo From GWC!
Salami Pizza!
Baked Rice
Bacon & Terung Soup Spaghetti
Teppanyaki Noodle Chicken
Milk Tea
Ice Cream Ball
Seoul Garden
Baklava! dessert!
Peanut Butter Mocha Latte
Look Below
Choco Mud Cake
Pistachio Sweet Potato!
Macha Cake
Nectarine Clark Quay
Marutama Ramen AGAIN!!! My FAV!!!
o0ps new nike.... ahahhaa
Twin Baked Rice
Portugeuse Baked Rice
Cheese Baked Rice!
Luncheon meat egg noodle soup!
Macau Pork Chop
Choco Lava....
Yam Drink!
Lamb Chop!
Fish & Chips
Mushie Soup
Double Bacon Chilli Dog....
Chocolate Cake
My Star Magnet is ON!!!
Guess who is in Action...
Jessica Liu from the yoghurt commercial...
and TPH can link to his blog from pc's blog...
Black Pig @ Tomton!!! super Yummy!
Tempura Platter!
Soft Shell Crab
California Maki!
Korean Pizza!
all bibimbap!!

OMG!!! i can't believe it....

I was supposed to be on a strict diet... yet!!!

all this amazing bliss happened... there were more... but camera was not around to historify them!!!

this month, i broke the law... by spending exceedingly!!!


mom's gonna freak out when she receive the bill....

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