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Mark Zuckerberg very KAYA.

If I turn up late for classes one of these days, I would have to forward a letter of complaint to Mark Zuckerberg. It was only today that I knew he was the BOY "almost near my age" behind Facebook.
Had he been a little less imaginative i would have careless about my facebook profile or not even bother to sign up at all. But Yet he was in Harvard creating Facebook at the age of 20, and leaving the prestigious institution without that degree in hand.
Zuckerberg, who turned 23 in May, is now being presented with enough money that can buy over entire third world nations. Yahoo! and Microsoft are just some of the corporations eager to buy into his company that is now estimated to be worth over US$15 billion.
In response to the news, a new Facebook Group has been formed. The name says it all. “If Facebook sells to Microsoft, we’re leaving“
While Zuckerberg has plenty of creative and technology talents backing him, I sure hope he has advisors covering the financial and business strategy portfolios. Loyalty isn’t exactly a cyberspace commandment. The possibility of losing the chance to make millions for a bunch of online strangers might not be the best option.
That’s his problem, not mine.… so r u still in facebook now???
i am so out... boycott liao...
Mark Zuckerberg very KAYA. Reviewed by Ah Wee on 10:57 AM Rating: 5

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