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Share my shoppin list of unbelievable price cutz!

Gatsby Hair Dye all goin at $5.65 usual price 11.60!! WORTH BUYING RIGHT?
CHYI U want i can get u some 1st.. use it when u arrive or u bring to bn for CNY..
choose the color let me know...

Tuna Lover.. AYAM BRAND TUNA CHUNKS in OLIVE OIL all goin at $1.78 usual price @ other supermarket $2.10

er.. this two is the obvious one i can think of.. the rest of e products are on the rise...


here save there save lama lama jadi bukit...
i think aint going to buy the lappie crumpler messenger bag..
unless somemore miraculously donate me one!!!
i don want my dad or mom to donate me stuff all the time...
any secret admirer out there want to donate me one!!!
for any occassion i really would like to have one now...
whahahahahahaha secret admirer can be a hot beech or fat beech or even a dude...
LOL... doesnt mean i will like u but at least i acknowledge ur existence...
and i am flattered...
wahahahhahahahha DREAM ON....

ps. when i was drying my laundry yesterday!! i clumsily drop a hanger of mine... SHITT.. i few story high.. but i was happily watching it glide down to the ground.. the hanger is ikea black one..
Share my shoppin list of unbelievable price cutz! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 9:31 PM Rating: 5

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