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How to increase number of Twitter followers

Ever wondered how some Twitter users seem to amass a huge amount of amount of followers? Unless they are a celeb – then there is, more likely than not, some Twitter Following games afoot. In this post I will show you a set of tools that will help you play this Twitter growth game.
Before we start there are a few prerequisites needed to grow your Twitter numbers to an insane proportions:
  1. GreaseMonkey Firefox Extension.
  2. After GreaseMonkey is installed, click here to install the TwitMaster User Script.
or on Chrome - Click here to install the TwitMaster User Script for Chrome.
Once you have installed the TwitMaster User Script, visit – if you see my shameless plug of “follow @msw” in the upper right hand corner, then the script is installed properly.

Mass follow all twitter users with one click

Find a user who has a good amount of followers that’s in your same market. For example, if you sell or promote Wine, then you would first do a “Find People” search on Twitter for the term Wine. Twitter sorts their results by the people with the most followers first. In the case of the term “Wine” you will see that Fledgling Wine is the first result with 369,607 followers. Click the users “followers” link – and now you will see the first page of all their followers. It’s safe to say that most of these followers (60% at least) would be interested in your own Wine Twitter account. After this page loads (and you have TwitMaster installed) you will see a new “Follow all Users” button at the top of the list. Clicking this button will automatically follow everyone on this page, then automatically go to the next page their followers – rinse and repeat.
Twitter will stop you from following more than (around) 1,500 to 2,000 people a day – I would try to follow around 500 people a day for a week. Don’t worry if not everyone is following you back and that your “Follow to Followers” ratio is getting out of sync. After you have followed the people for a week, wait another week to let the users catch up follow you back. Once your follower numbers is up to a nice number, you will now start unfollowing all the people that didn’t follow you back.

Mass unfollow non followers

Sure it might seem hollow to blindly unfollow people because they are not following you back. But on our quest to build a large network of people that we can broadcast links, ideas and opportunities too – then it’s just part of the game. At this point you should have a fair number of people you are following – and most likely a good chunk of people who are not following you back. Lets do some pruning shall we?
Visit your “Following” page, you will now see the first page of your followers as well as a new button labeled “Kill all”, and a button under each person (who is not following you back) labeled “Kill”. Clicking the Kill All, will automatically stop following all non followers for this page. Clicking the Kill button under each of the users will unfollow that specific individual. Rinse and repeat until you have cleaned out your entire list of all non-followers.
Growing your Twitter Follower count is pretty superficials – but let’s be real, we live in a superficial world. That being said, now that you have the follower followers – take it a step deeper and learn how to build relationships and measuring success by reading ‘Twitter Marketing For Dummies’ by Kyle Lacy.
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